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Workplace trends to expect for 2022

02 June 2022

Didn't we expect the world to return to normalcy at the beginning of 2021? Vaccines were beginning to become available, and many leaders assumed it would only be a matter of months until the workplace would be normal again.

However, 2021 proved to be more turbulent than predicted. With the rise of new Covid variants, the world witnessed a massive talent battle, record-high quit rates, and the worst inflation levels in a generation. 

We have only seen the level of instability increase in 2022. So the workplace had to cope with different trends in these two years. 

Let's discuss six trends that will influence the workplace in 2022:

Hiring Will Be Challenging

In 2022, job hunting will be challenging. It may even be more difficult than it was in 2021. Vacancies were an unexpected topic for 2021, as businesses have struggled to hire and retain people.

However, many of the circumstances that have made hiring difficult in the past are likely to continue in 2022. The pandemic, for example, is still present and has an impact on the competitive job market.

AI Automation

In today's businesses, AI-powered automation is key to helping workers manage an immensely complex network of devices, apps, and operations.

Additionally, AI will continue to influence the recruitment and development of employees.

Work from Home is the New Normal

Hasn't working from home been our new normal in these two years? Companies will use remote work to overcome workforce scarcity since it is a smart way to diversify their talent pool. Therefore, in 2022, remote work will be one of the top workplace trends.

Prioritizing Diversity, Equality, and Inclusivity

Companies will invest more in diversity, equity, and inclusion. And a significant portion of this investment will shift from goal-setting and visibility to action and accountability. 

Companies will need to commit more to providing information and developing their DE&I (Diversity, Equality, and Inclusivity) commitments in 2022. This can help companies get on the road to accountability, which in turn will help them make progress and raise the standard.

Sharing their achievements can help people develop a data set and a clear language to discuss DE&I projects in the future.

Stronger Workplace Community

Many people are looking forward to returning to work as employees are excited to experience in-person communication again, which is impossible over video conference. 

They are eager to visit the office physically and sense the strong workforce community. 

Do you know that nearly half of employees admit the pandemic has made them feel disconnected from their colleagues?

Companies must be more strategic in creating relationships between employees in 2022, particularly in the modern world, where some workplaces are remote or in a hybrid mode. Employees in a variety of settings require a feeling of connection.

People will also likely start communicating outside of their inner work circle, which allows users to connect with other professionals worldwide.

Companies Prioritizing Mental Wellness of Employees

As we all know, mental health is just as important as physical health. 

Many people experienced depression and anxiety during the first year of the pandemic; as a result, many employees have also left their jobs for mental health reasons, including those forced by workplace variables such as stressful and unsustainable work.

As post-pandemic feelings of isolation increase, more companies are becoming mindful of the influence their jobs have on their employees' mental health. That's why many businesses are taking the initiative to prioritize the mental health of their employees in 2022 by promoting mental well-being on social media or arranging webinars on mental health. 

Future Trends of the Workplace

The future will continue to be full of opportunities and challenges. But with these six workplace trends, you can understand that employees will hold more power in 2022. 

Workers may use this power to negotiate higher pay, improved benefits, or flexible working arrangements. As the employees feel more financially secure, they will be more comfortable questioning their employers on issues such as DE&I. 

Overall, our workforce and workplace situations are constantly advancing. The more adaptable and responsive you are to the demands and needs of the new workplace trends, the more you will be able to help your company prosper and develop.

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